High winds damage barriers on Bridge Road, Exeter

High winds this afternoon (Monday 16 October) have buckled the barriers on Bridge Road, Exeter, forcing Devon County Council to carry out emergency repairs on the bridge.

The barriers, which halt traffic to allow the canal bridge to swing open, have buckled in this afternoon’s strong winds.

Devon County Council engineers are on site.

Repairs currently underway will require staggered closure of both sides of the road, first outbound and later inbound, for durations of about 30 minutes each.

A spokesman for the Council said:

“We’re assessing what the damage is, and making sure that the public aren’t placed in any risk as a consequence of it.

“We’re staggering the closure of the road, to first repair the barrier on the outbound lanes, during which time traffic will not be able to use that lane. That side is well in hand and will soon reopen. As soon as it is, we’ll then close the inbound lane to repair that barrier, and traffic will not be able to use that side of the road until it’s reopened.

“Engineers are working hard to get both sides reopened as quickly as possible.”