Closure of left turn from Bridge Road into Countess Wear Road

The left turn from Bridge Road into Countess Wear Road will be permanently closed from Thursday (14 July).

The change in access to the road is part of Devon County Council’s Bridge Road improvements, and is being introduced ahead of work starting on the new Countess Wear foot and cycle bridge

In the short term the new arrangements will be imposed with barriers and cones but, longer term, the junction will be reconstructed to prevent vehicles turning left off Bridge Road, which will allow more space for pedestrians and cyclists.

From 14 July, vehicles will no longer be able to turn from Bridge Road into Countess Wear Road.

Traffic on Bridge Road, and from Countess Wear Road turning left out onto Bridge Road will be unaffected.

Prior to the scheme, drivers could turn left to access a very short section of Countess Wear Road before reaching ‘No Entry’ signs at Roche Gardens, to prevent Exeter-bound drivers cutting through the residential estate of Countess Wear Road, to try and avoid the roundabout. However, following numerous complaints that the ‘No Entry’ signs were being ignored, the traffic restriction is being amended so that no vehicles can turn left from Bridge Road.

View the traffic regulation order here.