Reminder of overnight closures from 6 – 8 June

Bridge Road in Exeter will be closed overnight to all vehicles from 10pm to 5am during three evenings next week.

During these closures on the evenings of Monday 6 June, Tuesday 7 June and Wednesday 8 June, kerbing and surfacing will take place on the east (downstream) side of Bridge Road/Countess Wear Bridge as part of the ongoing improvement work on Bridge Road.

These are among a limited number of overnight or weekend road closures during the scheme, all of which are needed to enable essential construction work to take place safely.

If your property is accessed directly off Bridge Road itself, access will be maintained during these closures. Residents who have journeys planned during this time, should make contact via this website. Arrangements can then be made with the site management to provide safe access through the works to your property.

Pedestrians and cyclists can continue to use Bridge Road, on the temporary footpath/cyclepaths marked for them, throughout the closures. They may be marshalled through the works and are therefore urged to take care and follow instructions from the site staff.

The work will be completed as soon as possible, and every effort will be made to keep noise, dust and disturbance to a minimum at all times.

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