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Message from Phil Norrey and Cllr John Hart

Welcome to “Better Together”, our vision for 2020 and beyond. This website reflects the changing expectations of Devon’s citizens and communities; people want personalised services that provide flexibility and choice; communities expect services that are tailored to meet local needs; above all people want to be in control of their own future. We know that significant change can happen if they are able to do so, working alongside public services where necessary.

The worst recession in living memory has led to severe cuts in Government funding. We have listened to what people want and carefully balanced our response, maintaining personalised services and targeted support whilst offering communities the opportunity to run many services. While we can no longer provide many facilities and services that people have valued, the path is clear for community, voluntary and private enterprises to innovate and thrive. Our main role is to create the right environment for this to happen, intervening directly only where necessary.

We are making fundamental changes to the way we work in order to meet this challenge. Over the last four years we have saved over £100m and kept council tax rises to a minimum whilst improving our focus on need and our approach to commissioning outcomes for people.

Our long term contribution to Devon’s high quality of life has been enormous, and will continue to be so. We are here to support those in greatest need; promote health and wellbeing; maintain Devon’s huge road network; support the economy; dispose of Devon’s waste; offer library and heritage services; and promote a superb natural environment. But a new partnership is necessary to build a Devon that is resilient, healthy, prosperous, well connected and safe.

Phil Norrey, Chief Executive
Cllr John Hart, Leader of the Council