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On average, people in Devon enjoy better health and live longer than those across England and Wales as a whole. However, differences in health exist between Devon’s communities.

We will enable people to lead healthy lives in Devon’s outstanding environment, support people to live in their own home as part of a supportive community, and focus on reducing inequalities in health.

Can you? We will: By working together:
Support local schools and families? Provide support to families where it is needed most Children will have the best possible start in life and be ready for school
Manage your own physical and emotional health as far as possible? Focus public health improvement on people and communities who need it most More people will enjoy good health and avoid preventable illness
Lead an active life and enjoy Devon’s outstanding environment? Promote healthy lifestyles and increase opportunities to enjoy Devon’s environment More people will lead happy and active lives
Help family or neighbours who are ill or disabled? Support people to stay independent and recover after a crisis More people will maintain their health and independence into older age
Look out for anyone who may be lonely or isolated? Help communities to be supportive and inclusive More people will feel valued, respected and included