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Talking to your kids about their future is an important part of being a parent.

Talking to your kids about their future is an important part of being a parent.

As a parent/guardian, you will naturally want your child to get the best possible start in their career. Despite the Government raising the participation age in 2013, there are a range of options available for young people beyond staying in the classroom and apprenticeships are one of them.

An apprenticeship provides your child with a unique combination of education and work-related skills and training that can act as a spring-board to the rest of their life. The Government’s outspoken support of apprenticeships has meant an explosion in quantity and scope since 2010. In fact, over 2.2million have been created, and in June 2015 the newly elected Conservative Government has pledged a further 3 million by 2020. This long-term commitment makes it a good time for your child to enroll in an apprenticeship.

In the past, apprenticeships were a more commonly sought for those looking to get into skill-specific industries (such as building, cooking, hairdressing, etc). However, the expansion of apprenticeships has meant that there are now a wide variety of schemes available in a number of industries and sectors. A snapshot of the opportunities available right here in Devon can be found on ourĀ Case Studies page.

As a parent/guardian you can be very influential in the decisions that your child makes. Therefore, it is important that you have a good understanding of what apprenticeships offer: