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Clinical Commissioning Group

Apprenticeships are providing an efficient workforce

South Devon and Torbay Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), based in Torquay, is an NHS organisation responsible for integrated care. Since being officially authorised in April 2013, the organisation has supported 17 apprenticeships at intermediate and advanced levels in business administration, marketing and management.

Marianna Gray, manager of the apprenticeship programme, said: “We’re committed to a whole-community approach to health and wellbeing, prioritising opportunities for young people. In line with this, apprenticeships bring our organisation increased productivity with their wide range of talents.”

The CCG recruits its apprentices via the National Apprenticeship Service’s official site. Once hired, apprentices are fully integrated into the team while they study towards qualifications such as NVQ Level 2 in Business Administration or NVQ Level 3 in Management. The CCG has found that its apprenticeships have exceeded expectations.

Marianna added: “The many improvements we have seen include greater efficiency in administration and a new programme of charitable fundraising, instigated and planned by apprentices. We have appreciated improved productivity in teams containing apprentices. There has been valuable experience for staff in coaching, mentoring and training, and our reputation has strengthened as an organisation that runs smoothly and efficiently. Our apprentices have brought energy, vitality and an eagerness to learn to our working environment, and our recent national staff survey has shown higher-than-average staff experience ratings.”

The National Apprenticeship Awards 2014 recognised the quality of the CCG’s apprenticeships, naming the organisation Newcomer Employer of the Year SME for the South West region, in addition to Top 100 employers in the UK. The CCG plans to build on this achievement, ensuring that as many people as possible hear about the benefits of apprenticeships.

Left to right: Lucy Watson (Apprentice), Molly Bishop (Apprentice), Marianna Gray (South Devon and Torbay CCG), Amy O'Brien (Apprentice), Beth Tosio (Apprentice), Louise Hardy (South Devon and Torbay CCG).

Left to right: Lucy Watson (Apprentice), Molly Bishop (Apprentice), Marianna Gray (South Devon and Torbay CCG), Amy O’Brien (Apprentice), Beth Tosio (Apprentice), Louise Hardy (South Devon and Torbay CCG).

Marianna said: “It has been wonderful to watch our apprentices’ skills and confidence grow. We are really proud of them all. We celebrate the achievements of our apprentices, in newspaper articles, videos and through Twitter, to spread the word that apprenticeships are beneficial for all concerned.”

To find out more about the business benefits of apprenticeships, contact the National Apprenticeship Service on 08000 150 600.