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Axminster Tools and Machinery


Axminster Tools & Machinery has established itself as a market leader in the mail order tools and machinery industry servicing thousands of customers.

One of the reasons for the company’s success is the dedication it has committed to growing their own talent through the Axminster Tools and Machinery Apprenticeship Scheme.

Apprenticeships are key to their continuing success and help deal with any skills shortages. The Apprenticeship scheme ensures that the unique knowledge and experience of senior employees, which has developed over more than 40 years, is passed onto new talent coming into the business. This maintains the outstanding service and customer satisfaction the company is known for. As a result, levels of motivation have increased amongst all staff.

Since the Apprenticeship Scheme began six years ago the success rate of the programme has been 100%, with all apprentices moving into key roles within the Company. The main reason for this success is the first-rate mentoring that is given to all apprentices by all staff alongside the support they receive for their professional qualification.

Axminster Tools and Machinery Apprenticeship Scheme initially exposes all their apprentices to each individual area of the company so that they gain a better understanding of the responsibilities, roles and functions of all departments. This helps them grasp the bigger picture and develop an awareness of the organisation as a whole.

An Apprentice Learns From his Mentor

An Apprentice at AT&M Learns From his Mentor

It is without doubt that operating the Apprenticeship Scheme has been instrumental to Axminster Tools and Machinery success. Investing in talent is the way forward for any organisation and it also supports and strengthens the overall economy in the area.

Jane Boulton, Human Resources Director says: ‘We wanted the Apprenticeship Scheme to be attractive so we came up with a solid basic salary, which every apprentice starts on, and then quarterly increments that could be realistically achieved to keep up motivation and drive.’

She adds: ‘To further their careers once they have completed the apprenticeships, we also have an in-house development programme open to anyone which they can apply for. The majority of our apprentices have successfully gained a position of responsibility and have added value to our company.  For example our first ever apprentice, Charlie Cross, is now a Team Leader in the Business Services Team, and another apprentice alumni- Jake Knight- is Team Leader in our Innovation & Manufacturing department.’


To apply for the Axminster Tools and Machinery Apprenticeship Scheme, fill out their application form and return it to the advertised address.