Adult and Community Learning
Adult and Community Learning
Adult and Community Learning

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Independent living

Art matters
Learn a variety of art and craft techniques and find out about some famous artists. Work together to produce a group project as well as individual pieces.

Community matters
Learn about what is going on in your local area and the different groups that live in it. Find out about, and take part in, a way to help your community.

Drama matters
Learn about how to interact with other people in a drama setting including lots of acting skills and a performance.

English and maths matters
Learn those essential English and Maths skills for everyday life including reading recipes, completing forms, budgeting and much more.

ICT matters
Learn how to use the internet, set up and use an email address and create posters or letters.

Learning matters
Find out what to expect from your course and about the centre that you will be learning in. This course will give us the opportunity to make sure you are on the right course at the right level. It is essential to enrol on this before enrolling on any of the ‘matters’ courses.

Money matters
Managing your own money – money matters How to manage your personal finances, prepare a personal budget and how to carry out transactions capably.

Music matters
Learn about, and use, a variety of instruments to create music as a group and have a go at making your own instruments.

Pottery matters
Learn a variety of pottery techniques using different materials and processes to create individual and group projects.

Safety matters
Learn about how to keep safe whilst accessing your local community as well as safety in the home and keeping safe online.

Shopping matters
Learn about budgeting, shopping and making choices about how to spend your money whilst getting out and about in your local area.

Work matters
Learn about the skills that you need to enter the workplace including communication and teamwork. This fun course includes finding out about different jobs and employers and identifying the skills that you already have.

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