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Families together

Families Together courses and workshops are fun and creative.

Run in our centres, these inexpensive short workshops give you, the parent, carer or grandparent and your child the opportunity to try out and enjoy something new. Meet other families and make new friends in a relaxed learning environment. A perfect activity for you and your child to do, particularly during school holidays.

Age specific workshops can help your child’s development while providing learning opportunities for yourself.

Courses running soon:

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Button Jewellery (ages 6+)

Creative fun for all the family using miscellaneous buttons to create beautiful customised bracelets, earrings and/or necklaces to take home while developing a range of jewellery making techniques.

Making Cards with Calligraphy (ages 7 – 14)

Creative fun for all the family learning the ancient art of calligraphy and using this to decorate and make beautiful personalised cards using a range of materials.

Natural Clay Sculpture (ages 6+)

Messy fun for all the family developing basic sculpture techniques eg pinching, coiling and rolling and creating a ‘masterpiece’.

Making bird boxes (ages 6+)

Fun for all the family making a ‘family’ bird box together to take home while learning about native birds.

Animated Toy Stories (Ages 7+)

Creative fun for all family. Explore your film making skills as a family and have some creative fun by learning about simple animation skills using digital cameras and laptops, writing own mini story and then animating your story using characters and creating a mini movie.

Pots about Pottery (ages 7-14)

Messy fun for all the family! Throw a pot and discover your creativity. Take some time out with your child to try your hand with pottery.

Vintage Christmas Crafts (ages 7 – 14)

Get ready for the festivities with ‘Santas little helpers’ by designing and crafting vintage gifts. … to give to friends, family, and teachers — and, of course, to hang on your own tree! Develop your creativity by designing and making vintage themed items for Christmas.

Fun with Feltmaking (ages 5 – 11)

Messy fun for all the family. Learn the ancient craft of felt making and discover the ancient art of turning wool into fabric. Children and parents will make their own felt using multi-coloured sheep’s wool and then with soap and water will matt all the fibres together to create felt.

Animated Family Tree (ages 8+)

Have fun discovering your family past by learning about simple animation skills using digital cameras and laptops and using the Internet to trace family history using data from censuses, births, marriages and deaths.

Please note: Some sessions are age specific, eligibility criteria applies, maximum of two children per adult.


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