Adult and Community Learning
Adult and Community Learning
Adult and Community Learning

Courses in the community

Family learning

Family learning courses are free* for eligible learners at specific organisations. They are a range of courses designed to give parents/carers:

  • the chance to find out how their children learn
  • the opportunity to work alongside their children
  • the opportunity to improve their own skills and confidence

The courses offer a range of opportunities that:

  • parents can support their child’s learning
  • explore learning through play and creative activities
  •  support learning through practical activities such as making games, books, story sacks and maths bags
  • develop awareness of how children are taught Maths and English
  • develop parents’ skills, confidence and help them take a fresh look at themselves and their capacity to learn.


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Fifteen hour courses

Adult only courses that include topics such as:

  • story sacks
  • being the parent of a…toddler, primary school-aged child or teenager.

(some courses may include children)

Twenty hour courses

Adult only courses that include topics such as:

  • dip into maths/English
  • arts or crafts.

(some courses may include children)

Thirty hour courses

Courses for adults with their children and that lead to learner accreditation:

  • Early start (run with a DACL Tutor and a member of staff from organisation offered as in-kind contribution towards course cost).

(Some courses may be adult only)

Two hour workshops

Designed around a theme and/or target group, these workshops introduce parents and/or carers to family learning courses and other learning opportunities.

Six hour courses

Include topics such as:

  • learning through play
  • family SEAL
  • you and your child starting school – transition and/or ESOL
  • an introduction to being the parent of a….toddler, primary school-aged child or teenager
  • supporting learning through animation
  • outdoor learning.

Ten hour courses

Adult only courses that include topics such as:

  • keeping up with the children: English and/ or maths
  • bags of maths
  • managing family finance
  • healthy eating on a budget
  • supporting learning though ICT
  • grow your own… with or without a garden.

(some courses may include children)

Most courses can be adapted to meet the needs of specific groups and settings. Family programmes run in a variety of venues i.e. primary and secondary schools, children’s centres, community settings, libraries.  We ask that where a course in run in your venue /for your organisation that you provide the venue, help with publicity and recruitment, crèche / childcare, refreshments as part of your in-kind contribution.

Our courses can be as short as two hours or can run for a whole term (usually 2 hours per week) to suit your timetable. Where possible we aim to run a rolling programme designed to take parents on a journey from lighter engagement activities through to qualification courses which will improve parents’ skills and employment opportunities.

We aim to give parents/carers the opportunity to progress further onto courses provided by Devon Adult and Community Learning or other providers.

All participants receive a certificate for completing the course. Some will also achieve a qualification in English or Maths or an appropriate subject.

Family Learning courses are free* for eligible learners. Some of our main Adult and Community Learning courses are also free*. In some cases we can provide some funding for/towards childcare for eligible individual learners although it is the responsibility of the partner organisation to organise and set up childcare. Where teaching staff in a school co-deliver with our staff, funding towards supply costs can be claimed, depending on the course.

For more information on family learning courses please contact

Jinks Woodfield – covering South Devon

Morgan Quick – covering North Devon

Jane Hutchings – covering East Devon

Lizzie Bond – covering Exeter

Penny Westlake – covering West Devon

In addition you can email for more information

*eligibility criteria applies