Adult and Community Learning
Adult and Community Learning
Adult and Community Learning

Languages – which level?

Absolute beginners

Qualification: ABC award at entry 2

The course:

  • For those who have never learned a language or have found it difficult
  • Discover short, fun phrases and build confidence in a like-minded group supported by your tutor
  • Learn to speak, listen and read simple information.

Example activity: Simple greeting, order a drink, how are you?

Beginners Part 1 (speaking and listening) and 2 (reading and writing)

Qualification: ABC award at entry 3

The course:

  • Gradually build confidence on topics such as food and drink, family and shopping
  • Get to grips with pronunciation. Learn numbers, days of the week, dates and times.
  • Find places of interest and give directions

Example activity: Call the waiter, order a drink and snack from a basic menu, ask for the bill, get about.

Improvers part 1 (speaking and listening) and part 2 (reading and writing)

Qualification: ABC award at level 1

The course:

  • Learn more about the culture and way of life of the country concerned
  • Begin to understand sentence structures and use some simple past and future tenses in a range of realistic travel contexts, such as eating out, buying tickets and finding your way. Learn how to talk about yourself.

Example activity: Book a table by phone, order a meal and drink from a menu and ask about specific dietary options.


Qualification: ABC cerficate at level 2

The course:

  • Consolidate your knowledge and learn to make appropriate uses of all tenses by taking part in discussions to improve fluency and extend your vocabulary
  • Practise language for travel, language to deal with the wider world and topical issues, express opinion, preference and point of view
  • Work independently, develop language skills to access information yourself.

Example activity: Discuss types of restaurants. Make a complaint or request, ask about recipes and discuss culinary styles.


Qualification: n/a – Level 3 non accredited

The course:

You will be encouraged to explore and discuss authentic texts and listening materials based on topical issues, everyday life, culture and current affairs. You will take part in dialogues, discussions and debates and be encouraged to express opinions, preferences and points of view. Your knowledge and understanding of structure will be extended as you describe experiences and events using an appropriate range of tenses.

Example activity: Example activity: Take part in discussions with other learners, discuss trends on healthy eating and diet in different cultures.

Coming soon . . . . test yourself: French   German    Italian    Spanish

Please note: Although example activities on this page refer to food and drink, courses cover a broad range of topics.


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