Temporary traffic lights schedule

Please send some example (i) schedules of rates and (ii) frameworks that include traffic management / temporary traffic light products / services How long are these frameworks set for? How frequently are schedules of rates for these products / services … Continue reading

Residential Parking Topsham Phase 2

How many requests were received from residents in Phase 2 requesting you to extend the scheme? Over the past 5 years our customer service system has received 9 requests for residents parking, and 15 related parking complaints. Additionally, comments and … Continue reading

Parking Fines 2021 – 2022

1.How many parking fines have been issued in 2021, and the first quarter of 2022? This information is already publicly available on this How parking is regulated – Roads and transport (devon.gov.uk) webpage 2.How much is the total value of … Continue reading

Parking Restrictions and Fines

1.Please state the total number of roads which had parking restrictions in your county council in the last three years*? (i.e. the total overall number of roads and not the number of roads in which new measures were implemented) Based … Continue reading