The Moridunum, Seaton

I understand that The Moridunum has been sold by EDDC. Please provide me with details and the price paid. Under details I mean the following: When was the Moridunum purchased? Purchase price. Name of purchaser/ company. Terms of purchase given … Continue reading

Exeter Street Charter

With regard to the Exeter (Clear) Street Charter, launched Nov 2018 1. May I see the implementation plan for the Charter? The introduction of a Clear Streets Charter is an Exeter City Council initiative. Devon County Council does not hold … Continue reading

Liveable Exeter Place Board

Please supply copies of all the recorded information in written, visual, aural, electronic or any other material form you hold concerning Liveable Exeter Place Board and/or in which Liveable Exeter Place Board is mentioned or discussed, including those documents which … Continue reading

Acid Tar Lagoons in Devon

Confirm how many acid tar lagoons or sites you have identified in your area? The County Council is not aware of any acid tar lagoons in use in its administrative area. However, it would be worth making the same request … Continue reading

Plympton Hill traffic congestion

1 Whether a public consultation will be held? 2. When and where will it take place? 3. When will the results be published We do not hold this information. Any consultation would be the responsibility of Plymouth City Council, please … Continue reading