Worker numbers and health and safety management

Please can you provide me with answers to the following:

* How many lone workers does your organisation have?
* How many lone worker devices were purchased as part of your existing provision?

There is no central record retained of employees within the Council who are lone workers. To obtain this information would require an survey of every individual team across the Council.  Given the large size of Devon County Council and the number of different offices in Exeter (x3), Tiverton, Barnstaple, Okehampton, Tavistock, Bideford, Exmouth, Newton Abbot, Totnes and Honiton and allowing for an average of 2 hours per office, and 4 hours for County Hall, this would take in excess of 18 hours, being the appropriate limit.  This information is therefore exempt from disclosure pursuant to s.12 of the Freedom of Information Act 2000.

In addition, the names and numbers would vary over time, depending on the nature of each individual’s work.

Do you have an existing contract in place?


If No:

* Who is responsible for health, safety and risk management of your staff?

The line managers of any lone workers with reference to our published policies on Health, Safety and Wellbeing.

If Yes:

* What was the actual value of the contract awarded?
* When was it awarded?
* How long is the contract?
* Who is the incumbent supplier?
* Who were the other unsuccessful bidders?
* Is there a potential extension applicable to this existing contract?
* Are you applying that extension?
* Who will be responsible for writing the specification?

Following our responses to the above questions, these questions are no longer applicable