Seaton Jurassic Centre


“Under the freedom of information act can you now provide the final figure of the construction and cost of the Seaton Jurassic Centre.

Plus I require its first year’s operating costs and all info relating to their contribution from the appointed operator please.

Also did the County Council rebate any costs to Seaton Council for its contribution for the Tourist information Centre whilst the centre was closed for the winter period of 3 months.”


Although Devon County Council (DCC) contributed financially to the original planning and construction of the Seaton Jurassic Centre, it does not hold the detailed financial records relating to this.  Nor does it hold any financial information relating to the appointed operator – the Devon Wildlife Trust.

We would therefore suggest that this FOI request be re-directed to East Devon District Council, which was the lead organisation in the development of Seaton Jurassic Centre, and is the owner of the building.

The question about the Tourist Information Centre and any financial rebate to Seaton Town Council should, presumably, be directed to either East Devon District Council or the Devon Wildlife Trust, as the County Council has no involvement in these matters.