Road and foot bridges

Does Devon  County Council have an available list of all road and foot bridges within the area of Devon  that are maintained by each council’s highway departments, and information about each bridges location (GPS) and usage limitations, such as maximum weights of vehicle, and maximum width and heights?

A list of bridges within the area administered by Devon County Council (DCC) is available via the link below.  Where the owner is unknown DCC are responsible for maintenance.  This also includes border bridges that are the responsibility of neighbouring highway authorities. The inventory is generally limited to spans greater than 1.5m with the exception of bridges supporting public rights of way (PROW) where the criteria for inclusion is clear spans greater than 6m (kit bridges greater than 8.4m) and masonry arches / concrete slabs greater than 1.5m. There are approximately 1,800 bridges on the PROW network but these are recorded against the footpath designation so we do not hold an available list of these bridges beyond the information held in the list below.

As requested we have included against each bridge its location (eastings and northings) and any signed restrictions. Please be aware that these restrictions are subject to frequent review.  Because of these frequent reviews, drivers should not rely on this information and must comply with current signage found on site which may be different.

Against each bridge it is also shown whether it supports a public vehicular highway (Bridge) or other routes: footpath, cycle way, bridleway, private route etc. (Footpath).

We should also clarify that there are many other owners of bridges that support or span the public highway that are not maintained by DCC. Some of these will also be subject to traffic restrictions.