Quarterly cash-flow of private capital investments

I am looking for the quarterly cash-flow information of all your private capital investments (private equity funds, venture capital funds, real estate funds, private debt funds, infrastructure funds, natural resource funds, etc.) made *since the inception of the individual investments* in digital format. If the investment reports are not available since inception, the earliest records on hand will suffice.

The details per quarter for each investment should ideally include the standard data such as: Investment (Fund) Name; Vintage/Year; Period/Date; Capital Calls; Distributions; Remaining Value/Net Asset Value; Net IRR; Net Multiple.

Please note that these details would have already been provided to firms such as Preqin, Pitchbook and others in the past for each quarter.

We can confirm that these details have previously been published on our publication scheme in response to requests from Pitchbook and others.¬† They can be found online at:¬†https://www.devon.gov.uk/accesstoinformation/freedom-of-information/previous-access-to-information-responses¬† using the search terms “pension” and investments”