This FOI request is for the Highways Dept reference NDC Planning application 58603. At the NDC planning meeting on 10 May 2017 two members of the Highways Dept attended, M Collins and P Young. At that meeting both officers stated their views on visibility and safety distances for the junctions of Newlands Hill with the B3226 and the access onto the A377 at Kingford, via the Portsmouth Arms road. This request is for all or any road junction diagrams, records of site visits, records of measurements at those junctions, emails or correspondence discussing those junctions and any specific visibility and or safety analysis carried out or assessed by these officers both before and after the 10 May 2017. Photos or scanned copies of documents would be acceptable.

Devon County Council holds no recorded information in respect of the information you have requested.

However, by way of advice and assistance, we can confirm that a site visit did take place on the 9th May 2017 by P Young in connection with this application and in preparation for the meeting on the 10th May. M Collins had visited the site on numerous previous occasions.

Both P Young and M Collins at the meeting therefore spoke on the basis of their site visits and knowledge of visibility guidance, found in the Department for Transport’s Design Manual for Roads and Bridges; A copy of the Design Manual which was valid in May 2017 can be found online at:

Planning information would be held by North Devon District Council and we would recommend that you them directly; their contact details are available on their website: