OLM Eclipse go live and downtime dates

 1. Please state the date when OLM Eclipse went live

Eclipse for Adopt South West went live on 1st October 2018

Eclipse for Childrens Services went live on 21st January 2019

2. I understand that this system is externally hosted. Please list any dates on which the system has ‘gone down’ ie been unavailable to users for any period of time

We do not hold information about exact dates Eclipse has been unavailable. Records are kept of monthly system availability by percentage which excludes planned downtime, and separately of upgrades which result in approximately 15 minutes of planned downtime for the Childrens Social care module of Eclipse and 4 minutes for the South West Regional Adoption Agency (SWRAA) module. We have not included these in the response as they are timed between 2 and 3 am and are unlikely to affect users.