Neighbours’ fences or hedges

Please could you provide a full list of complaints made to the council between January 2012 – May 2018, which about a neighbours fence or hedge. Please include:
• A total number of complaints per year
• A total number of complaints relating to hedges per year
• A total number of complaints relating to fences per year

We are looking specifically at neighbours complaints about another neighbour’s hedges/fences. So we would like to know how many of these you receive broken down by year.

We can confirm that we have received no complaints about a neighbour’s fence or hedge. However, Devon County Council is not a housing authority, this is the responsibility of district, unitary or city councils.

It may be more likely that any housing issues, including fencing or hedges, are raised with housing authorities. You may therefore wish to raise a further request with housing authorities, including district, city or unitary councils. Contact details can be found on our website at: