Link road footpath and cycle bridge location

I am trying to find out the exact location ( either by field, or grid reference, or any other easily identifiable means to a lay person) of the two end points of both the footbridge and cycle bridge over the Link Road upgrade at Landkey. the A361.

I have a copy of the plans but cannot visualise exactly where the ascent and descent points will start.

With reference to the request for the bridge locations that are to be constructed as part of the North Devon Link Road project, here are the “What Three Words” references. These references are approximate as the detailed design of the bridges is still ongoing, and the exact layout of steps and ramps has not yet been finalised.

Portmore Footbridge: uncle.served.risking  and sprinter.workshop.push

Landkey Footbridge: presumes.songbird.boating and fond.partner.muffin