Levelling up fund allocation

I would like to request the following, concerning this local authorities application of funding received from the Home Office and the Ministry of Housing (now Department for Levelling Up), for the 29 million UASC fund

This information is available online at: Levelling up

* The total funding provided by the Ministry of Housing/Home Office as part of this.


* A breakdown of how this was spent. Including:
o How much of this fund has been spent by the local authority by the date of receipt of this FOI.

£145,445 – Development of specialist services – Community Volunteer project

£52,911 – Development of specialist services – Fostering

o A breakdown of what the money was spent on

Please see the table below:


Fostering Community
Staff £33,245 £126,445
Training £7,872 £1200
Marketing and Recruitment £8,750 £0
Organised Activities £0 £12,000
Other/Incidentals £3,044 £5,800
£52,911 £145,445


* A copy of any impact summary completed, where it was sent, and the date that it was completed.

We do not have an impact summary.

* The number of visits conducted by the Home Office or its appointed representatives to check on this funding

We have no record of any Home Office visits being conducted.

* Details of any representations, if made, by this local authority if they believe they did not receive the funding to which they were entitled.
o A brief description of this representation and the outcome

We did not make any representations