Information About Specific Traffic Lights in Plymouth


We act for the driver of a car who was involved in a collision at the Cot Hill/Plymouth Road junction, Plympton, Plymouth on 4 May 2017.

For ease of identification the junction is within the ward of Plympton Erle and its possible post code is PL7 lSR.  Plymouth Road is a classified road, B3416.

Pursuant to Freedom of Information Act, we request a traffic light signal sequence report to include
information as to timings and any diurnal variance for the specific lights facing Cot Hill and controlling traffic movements from the south, from Cot Hill across the south bound carriageway of Plymouth Road, and from the east, controlling traffic movements from Plymouth Road moving westwards.

We specifically request information related to:

1. the timings of these lights on 4 May 2017,
2. whether there were any faults detected with the lights on that day,
3. whether the timings have been changed since 4 May 2017 and if so when and why,
4. the frequency of inspection of the lights,
5. the last inspection of the lights.


Please note that Devon County Council is not responsible for traffic lights in the Plymouth postcode area and therefore does not hold the information requested.   This information will no doubt be held by Plymouth City Council. We would advise you to please contact Plymouth directly using the link provided.


If you wish to speak with someone regarding the above request, please telephone 01392 383000 and ask for Information Governance or email

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