Information about Dartmoor Zoo, Exmoor Zoo and Shaldon Wildlife Trust

I am writing to you on behalf of PETA UK under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 (‘FOIA 2000’) to request information relating to animals held captive in zoos which are licenced by Devon County Council (‘the Public Body’).

The information I request is as follows:

(i) A copy of the licence for Dartmoor Zoological Park, Exmoor Zoo and Shaldon Wildlife Trust.

(ii) By species; a breakdown of each individual animal for which Dartmoor Zoological Park, Exmoor Zoo and Shaldon Wildlife Trust have been licenced from 2007 ‘ 2017 retrospectively.

(iii) Of the animals listed in (ii), a breakdown by species of all animals who have been removed from those licences as a consequence of mortality, including culling.

I must stress that I am not interested in data which identifies individuals under the employ of the institution or any third parties and wholly agree for such personal information to be redacted.

In the Devon and Somerset area, we can confirm that licencing and any subsequent inspection arrangements are carried out by district councils and not by Devon County Council.   We therefore do not hold the information you are requesting.

We would recommend that you contact the District Councils for further information with regard to the licencing and any available information.  Contact details are available from our website at:

Neighbouring authorities