Dubs, Dublin III and unaccompanied asylum seeking children

1. How many children has your council taken in under the ‘Dubs amendment’ since last year?

We do hold information about the number of children taken in and then transferred onto the DUBS amendment when it transpired that they did not have family able to look after them in the UK , however we consider that to disclose that would potentially identify individuals and therefore we are withholding the information under Section 40 0f the Freedom of Information Act – Personal Information.

2. Of these, how many have undergone Merton-compliant age assessment and found to be over 18?

None of these age assessments were carried out in the Devon County Council area, therefore we do not hold this information.

3. How many children in your area have been reunited with family members under Dublin III regulations since last year?

Young people who came to Devon were reunited with family members in other areas. Devon County Council provided them with support, medical assistance where required and access to good nutrition, religious observance and shelter whilst families were found across the country – vetted by the Home Office and then reunited.

4. Of these, how many placements have broken down (ie because the family member was unable to look after them)?

As these placements were made in other local authority areas we do not hold this information.

5. In the past year, how many former UASC care leavers attended university and how much money did the council spend on their fees, accommodation etc?

No former unaccompanied asylum seeking children that left local authority care in the Devon County Council area have gone to university,therefore we do not hold this information.