Disposal of household waste and recyclables

Do you charge residents to dispose of garden waste as part of the regular (weekly/fortnightly/monthly) doorstep collection of household waste and recyclables?

If you do currently have a charge:
1) How many households subscribe to this service, and what proportion of all households does this represent?

2) How much revenue did the charge generate in financial years:
a. 2014/5
b. 2015/6
c. 2016/7

3) Is there currently a plan to increase or decrease the charge over the next three years (for example, in line with inflation, or if the introduction of a charge has been staggered)?

If you do not currently have a charge:
4) Is the council implementing such a charge in the next 24 months?

5) Please release any plans, proposals, impact assessments or other documents detailing the discussion of options relating to the imposition of a charge on the collection of garden waste.

Devon County Council is not a waste collection authority therefore, does not hold the information you have requested.   Waste collection is the responsibility of district and unitary authorities and we would therefore recommend that you contact them for this information.