Copplestone Stores – building works

Please provide all details and/or copies of records including all dates in chronological order and full meaningful summary for each date relating to any and all work that has been undertaken on or adjacent to the building Structure or Structures placed on or against the building currently known as Copplestone Stores, Copplestone, Crediton Devon EX17 5NJ by or for Devon County Council at a previous date including but not limited to inspection, cleaning, repairing, replacement and/or decoration for the 3 years prior to this date and what current contracts exist for carrying out of any future work as required.

A visual inspection of the drainage system at the back of footway adjacent to Copplestone Stores is undertaken by the local Highway Officer at least once a month when travelling through the village. He has an Outlook Calendar reminder on the first Friday of each month to undertake the inspection if he hasn’t in previous month. We do not hold any records of these inspections.

The roads and footways adjacent to Copplestone Stores are subject to planned highway safety inspections by our Term Maintenance Contractor in accordance with the County Council’s policy which can be viewed online at:

With reference to the highway safety policy, we can confirm that the A377 is a Maintenance Category 3 road and subject to a monthly inspection
The short length of road along the south east frontage of the stores is a Maintenance Category 8 road and subject to an annual inspection
The footways along both frontages of the Stores are Category FW4 and subject to an annual inspection.

The record of  the inspection record and any reactive repairs undertaken in the last 3 years can be viewed via the link below:

Inspection records

As reactive drainage jetting work was planned to be undertaken in Bewsley Hill during March, the local Highway Officer instructed the contractor to also jet the drainage system at back of footway adjacent to Copplestone Stores whilst in the village. Copies of the covering works order and hand written returns from the contractor are attached via the link below:

Works order

The A377 south bound one way road was resurfaced between 22/1/19 – 24/1/19 inclusive. The resurfacing was carried out from the railway bridge to the junction with Bewsley Hill.