Care Act – pet care

1) In your role under the Care Act on how many occasions since the start of 2020 to the current date (06/01/2022) have you as an authority had to take care of the animals/pets of somebody living in your area who has for whatever reason found themselves unable to care for them, or find anybody else able to take over their role as carer for those animals/pets?

2) For each occasion please state (i) the number of animals and their species, (ii) the names of the animals if applicable, (iii) what happened to the animals (were they put in a cattery/given to a animal charity etc), (iv) specify what if any costs were incurred by the council.

In response to both questions, we can confirm that we do not hold a central record of this information.  Therefore, to extract this information would require an individual review of all relevant social care files for the time period in question.   We can confirm that we have placed 2,297 clients during this time period;  allowing for a minimum review of 5 minutes per file, this would take 191 hours.   This is in excess of the appropriate limit and therefore, pursuant to s.12 of the Freedom of Information Act 2000 we are not obliged to provide this information.