Bridge Maintenance

1. How many road bridges are you responsible for maintaining?
2. For the last financial year (2017/18) how many Principal Inspections have taken place
3. For the last financial year (2017/18) how many General Inspections have taken place?
4. For the last financial year (2017/18) how many Structural reviews and/or BD21 assessments have been conducted?
5. How many sub-standard (in terms of capacity) and/or weight restricted bridges do you have?
6. Of these, how many do you intend to return to full load carrying capacity in the next 5 years?
7. How many bridges would you return to full load carrying capacity if you had no resource restrictions?
8. (i) How many of your bridges require post tensioned special inspections (PSTIs)?
(ii) How many of those have had PSTIs within the last 18 years?
(iii) Of those that have not had a PTSI, how many require/are due one?
(iv) How much funding would you anticipate is required to remove the backlog of PTSIs for those bridges identified in Q8(iii)?
9. What is the current Depreciation (i.e. difference between your GRC and DRC as declared for your WGA return for 2017/18)?
This value has been extracted from our annual return for the Whole of Government Accounts. Currently this is calculated using groups of structures that don’t strictly align with the criteria set out in this FOI request. Hence, it will include some accommodation bridges and structures less than 1.5m span.
10. Have you calculated your back log (or workbank) for bridges? What is the calculated value of your backlog of road bridges, or your best estimate if a calculated value is not available?
This has not been calculated. The size and complexity of our inventory makes estimating this value difficult.
11. What is the annual cost of maintaining your bridge stock at its current level (standstill budget)?
Our current annual spend on highway structures (bridges, retaining walls etc.) is £8m which covers capital and revenue works/staff. From our WGA returns it appears that our BCIave (average condition score) is being maintained but this is based on groupings which include averaging and assumptions to be made.