Subject access request numbers

1) What is the email address of the person in your organisation who is responsible for the management of Subject Access Requests / DPA Requests?

Different officers have responsibility for different aspects of the management of subject access requests. All enquiries about requests should be sent to where they will be answered by the appropriate person. However, for advice about exercising your rights under Data Protection laws, including the Right of Access to your personal data, please contact the Data Protection Officer.

2) What percentage of Subject Access Requests have been responded to on time since 25th May 2018? If you do know have this figure please provide a figure for what you do have. 

Date range Percentage
2018 April – June 69%
July – September 77.5%
October – December 76%
2019 January – March 91%
April – June 88%
July – September 89%

3) On average how many SAR/DPA requests does your authority receive in a month?

30 (548 total requests divided by 18 months, May 2018 – November 2019)

4) How many SAR officers are employed by your organisation who work on Subject Access Requests?

6 who work on aspects of the full process, plus an unspecified number of others who locate and provide the relevant information. No officers work solely on Subject Access Requests.

5) What is the generic email address of the team which deals with SARs / DPA requests within your organisation?

6) How many overdue Subject Access Requests do you currently have?

8 as of 16/12/2019