Information security

Devon County Council has a range of measures in place to help ensure that sensitive personal and other confidential information is protected against loss, damage or inappropriate access or use.

Devon County Council is committed to ensuring that the personal data it holds is protected from inappropriate or unauthorised access, loss or damage.

As part of this commitment, we encourage the reporting of any incidents that may put personal data at risk – referred to as “security incidents”.

If you believe that a security incident has occurred, please contact the Council’s Information Governance team as soon as possible by telephone, on 01392 383000 (ask for “Information Governance”) or email us on

We will ask you to supply as much detail as possible about the incident so that we can investigate exactly what happened and decide how serious it is.

We will then undertake an investigation to determine how the incident occurred, and subsequently put measures in place to reduce the likelihood of a similar incident occurring in future.

If you have received or accessed Devon County Council information in error, we ask that you do not use the information in any way, except in accordance with the instructions you receive from the Information Governance Team.

Please note that you are not permitted to make copies of the information, or share it with any other individuals.

If you have received information in error, please call us and we will arrange its return with you.

In reporting an incident, any information you supply will be held securely by Devon County Council’s Information Governance team, for the purposes of investigating the incident and recovering any information placed at risk.

We will only share your information with other parts of the Council if it is necessary for these purposes.

Members of staff who become aware of a security incident must report it via the reporting form on the Council’s staff website.