CareFirst use – data protection

The CareFirst Training Accreditation Form confirms that you have understood your data protection responsibilities (a requirement that applies to the use of all DCC systems which process personal data) should be filled in by all those completing the training. Responsibility for completing the form belongs to you and your line manager.

If you work for Devon County Council send the filled in form to your line manager as evidence that you have completed the training. If the answer to any of the last three questions is No please access the Information Governance Training page on the staff website and follow the instructions.

Please do not send the form to the Information Governance Team.

If you work for another organisation please ask your employers where they would like you to send the form.

The Information Governance Team have provided two handouts which should be printed off and read as part of the training :

For more information about how Devon County Council applies the Data Protection Act and protects personal data see Data protection.

For more information about how Devon County Council promotes effective information sharing refer to our Knowing When to Share pages.