• Road Sweeping and Waste Tipping

    1) Do you operate your own fleet of vehicles or use third party contractors for the following functions? a. Interceptor and drain (roads) cleaning b. Road sweeping Road sweeping is a function provided by District and Unitary councils in Devon.  … Continue reading

  • Nappies

    For the financial year 2018/19 or the calendar year 2018-2019, whichever is more convenient, please provide the following information. 1. Do you distribute any free promotional disposable nappies (such as Pampers) or reusable nappies to parents at any of your … Continue reading

  • Waste to energy contract

    1, Does the council have a contract in place to process its waste through energy recovery (energy-from-waste or waste-to-energy) ? Yes 2, If it does does it involve the council building its own EfW plant or does it involve sending … Continue reading

  • Plastic waste handling

    HOW PLASTIC WASTE IS HANDLED: SEGREGATED: Devon County Council have stated that “Plastics segregated at HWRCs are sent to reprocessors. In 2017/18 1,327 tonnes of plastic waste was sent to reprocessors.” What exactly does this tonnage of plastic waste represent? … Continue reading

  • Plastic bottle use and disposal

    Does Devon County Council local authority procure plastic bottles for use in local authority premises; if so, how many per year over the last 5 years? No, they are purchased by Devon Norse, the Devon County Council facilities contractor.  We … Continue reading

  • Waste collection and recycling function

    Please can you provide me the following information regarding your local authority’s domestic waste collection provision. 1. What is the frequency of your general kerbside household waste collection i.e. weekly, fortnightly, monthly? 2. a. What kerbside recycling provision does your … Continue reading

  • Recycling and Waste

    “I write to you under the Freedom of Information Act to request a list of all waste, dog, litter, recycling bins and household waste recycling centres in your area. Please provide the information in the form of a CSV file … Continue reading

  • Waste collection and disposal contracts

    The total and annual value of your contract (REF: DN96377) with Devon Waste Management for Torrington waste services.   The approximate annual value is around £95k (x9 years for total contract cost – please see contract term details below) The … Continue reading

  • Viridor waste management

    We understand that the following contract has expired. Service ‘ Treatment – WTS Contractor/s ‘ Viridor Waste Management Expiry date – 31/07/2018 Can you advise if a new contract has been/will be awarded for this service and if so what … Continue reading

  • Contaminated Land Officers

    “On behalf of the Environmental Industries Commission I would like to make the following Freedom of Information (FOI) request of your Authority under the Freedom of Information Act 2000. 1. Do you have specialist ‘contaminated land officers’ (CLO) employed within … Continue reading