• Revenue raised from non household waste

    1) What was the total amount of money raised from non-household waste/commercial waste/DIY waste charges at rubbish dumps and recycling centres in 2019/20?   Devon County Council does not administer the scheme therefore this information is not held. 2) Is … Continue reading

  • Recycling percentages and tonnages

    1)In 2018/19, what percentage of dry recyclables separately collected for recycling was sent to final destinations that were (a) unknown, (b) in [England], (c) elsewhere in the UK, (d) elsewhere in the EU and (e) non-EU countries? 1a) In 2018/19, … Continue reading

  • Recycling centres and rates

    1. The number of rubbish tips provided by the local authority for residents’ use – We have interpreted the term “rubbish tip” to mean recycling centres, the number is provided below, together with a link to a webpage which provides … Continue reading

  • Recycling centre – air conditioning units

    I would like to see the policy of the acceptance of air conditioning units for each of your recycling centres.  Devon County Council can confirm that we accept air conditioning units from domestic properties (removed and delivered by the householder) … Continue reading

  • Devon Household Waste Plastic Recycling

    “What percentage of Devon household waste plastic that is recycled, combusted in power plants, goes to landfill, and is sent abroad?”  In 2018/19: ·   7045 tonnes of household plastic waste from kerbside recycling collections were recycled.   ·   … Continue reading

  • Recycled and Plastic Waste Process

    “Please can you tell me where the recycled waste goes which is collected from homes in Devon. Devon County Council is not responsible for the collection of recycled waste from homes in Devon and therefore does not hold the requested … Continue reading

  • Third Party Recycling Banks

    1. “Could you please confirm if you have carried out the compounding of any recycling banks belonging to 3rd parties promoting textile and or shoe recycling? 2. If answer to (1) above is yes, could you confirm if you hold … Continue reading