• Textile Recycling Collectors and Centres

    Our response is on the basis of Textiles Banks placed on Devon County Council (DCC) Household Waste Recycling Centres (HWRCs). 1. Please provide a list with the names of all the textile recycling collectors that currently operate textile recycling banks … Continue reading

  • Road Sweeping and Waste Tipping

    1) Do you operate your own fleet of vehicles or use third party contractors for the following functions? a. Interceptor and drain (roads) cleaning b. Road sweeping Road sweeping is a function provided by District and Unitary councils in Devon.  … Continue reading

  • Household waste and recycling

    1) Please state the number of household waste and recycling centres operated by or operated by sub-contractor on behalf of your local authority in each of the last five financial years, and the current financial year to date. Please provide … Continue reading

  • Exported waste

    – How much waste is exported from your UK local authority and to where in years 2016-2017? What was the received revenue from waste export in years 2016-2017? Devon County Council do not hold this information – How much has … Continue reading

  • Destination of recycling/reuse in Exeter

    Please can you send my your answers to Waste Data Flow Question Q035: Destination of recycling/reuse tonnages in relation to Exeter City for the most recently available period. The handling of waste and recycling in Exeter is the responsibility of … Continue reading