• School Transport

    Under the Freedom of Information act, please provide me with the following details (The time range I am interested in is for each of the three years 2015, 2016, 2017): 1) The number of school buses operated by or on … Continue reading

  • School Transport Costs

    What was the total cost to your council in the 2016/17 academic year of transporting children registered as living in your council’s area by taxi to schools outside your council area and the numbers of children being transported? 140 passengers … Continue reading

  • Bus tender information

    I would like to request the latest: Devon County Council Local Bus Service Tender Results. I note on the website you can see upto December 2016 but there is no further information. I am particularly interested in the latest East … Continue reading

  • Transport Suppliers

    “Please provide:- The number of transport suppliers used for home to school and adult social care transport services. 229 The total spend the council has on all transport services with these suppliers. £23,576,104.99 The names, addresses and contact details for … Continue reading

  • Community Transport

    1, Please provide a copy of all letters and emails to all the Community Transport Providers who work for the local authority under a section 19 permit and 22 permit and also their responses since 9th November 2017 . Following … Continue reading

  • Vehicle supply

    I would like the following information: For the most recent 12 month period (please indicate dates) company names and where possible levels of monies spent (on each supplier) for the provision of logistics/transport/fleet services rendered to the council. Where there … Continue reading

  • Supported Bus Services Budget 2018/19

    What is the agreed total budget for supported bus services in the fiscal year 2018/19 The agreed budget for supported bus services in the fiscal year 2018/2019 is £5,231,112 What was the total spend for supported bus services in the … Continue reading

  • Passenger Carrying Vehicle Contracts

    “1. Please release all CURRENT prices and all tenders for home to school Passenger Carrying Vehicle (PCV) contracts at the last time of tender which service the Crediton and Okehampton area, identified as Cred and Oke and which company the … Continue reading

  • Car Fleets

    “We have an information request -see below – How many road passenger vehicles does the Local Authority currently operate? 340 & 10 trailers (comprised of 334 on fleet 2 contract hire, 4 nissan leaf electric contract hire). How many of … Continue reading