• Bus Passes

    I would like to ask the following questions please: 1. How many current valid English National Concessionary Travel Scheme (ENCTS) bus passes issues by your council are currently in circulation? 145,471 2. Of these how many are the OAP version? … Continue reading

  • Transport and Engineering Professional Services

    Please can you provide me the following information associated with your existing Transport & Engineering Professional Services (TEPS) contract. 1. The volume and splits of work across TEPS discipline areas identified below 2. How many staff are involved with TEPS: … Continue reading

  • Transport model – plans and contracts

    * Who is the contact point within the Highways and Transportation team for transport modelling? Stuart Jarvis – Senior Transportation Planning Officer * Please provide high level details of your existing strategic transport model/s. Please see the table below: Model … Continue reading

  • Council Owned Vehicles

    “For 2018/19, please provide: 1. Total number of vehicles leased or owned by your local council. As at January 2019, there were 339 vehicles leased or owned by the Council. 2. Number of vehicles with a petrol engine leased or … Continue reading

  • School travel modes trips assessment

    Mode of Travel Data for the Exeter school census to inform the assessment of the trips generated by our proposed site (Monkerton, Exeter) and to inform the Travel Plan Targets Pupil travel mode data is not routinely collected by schools … Continue reading

  • Bus service subsidies

    1) Has the county council reduced the number of bus services it subsidises since 2010? Yes. a. If yes, how many bus services of this kind have been suspended by the county council? We have interpreted ‘bus services…. suspended’ to … Continue reading

  • Stagecoach Bus Company Payments

    “Please tell me what monies are paid to Stagecoach Bus. “Plymouth Address” Stagecoach, The Ride, Chelston Meadow, Plymouth, PL9 7JT. “Exeter Address” Stagecoach, Matford Park Road, Exeter, EX2 8FD, as a financial incentive to train drivers to the standard of … Continue reading

  • Highways and transport

    Please may I have the organisational structure for the Highways and transport department within your council; a breakdown of the individual divisions and team(s) within the mentioned department, including the name, titles and contact details including telephone numbers of all … Continue reading

  • Rail transport planning

    Q1. What are your authority’s policy priorities for local rail transport? Do you support rail as a key transport element? Please provide an on-line link to any relevant source document, e.g. annual report; adopted policy, transport strategy, planning policy etc. … Continue reading