Transport services and cost

• What was your average cost for financial year 2019 for adults and children transport services? For adults, where we have interpreted your request to refer to adult social care clients rather than passengers on public transport, some contracts are … Continue reading

Vehicle fleet, leases and refuse

1. How many vehicles are in your council’s fleet? Please include make, model, petrol/diesel/electric, owned/leased. This information is available via the link below: Fleet list All vehicles are owned with the exception of the four electric Nissan Leaf vehicles. 2. … Continue reading

Collision investigation and prevention

Collision Investigation and Prevention (CIP) and what processes and policies are in place to support this. 1. Do you have a policy in place to support your approach to Collision Investigations and Prevention and the schemes you put forward for … Continue reading

Active and Sustainable Travel Funds

Confirm / provide the following information relating to active and sustainable travel: Whether the Council has applied for (or is planning to apply for) any of the below Government funds: Transforming Cities Fund Reopening High Streets Safely Fund Local Growth … Continue reading

Buses – real time information

Bus information as follows : Bus Real Time Information Registrations and Publicity NaPTAN Management Demand Response Transport Schools Transport Traffic light priority for Buses Response : Buses – fleet, priorities and performance

Vehicle fleet numbers, types and services

1.Fleet Number 2. Registration Number 3. Vehicle type 4. departmental allocation (ie schools, highways …) Please view the requested information via the link below : Vehicle fleet numbers, types and services