• Provision of public transport services

    We would like to ask some questions relating to the provision of socially necessary bus services by your council. We may use this information as part of our campaign to increase rural bus services through central government investment.   The … Continue reading

  • Cycling infrastructure investment

    1: How much money from the transport budget has been invested in the area’s cycling infrastructure over the last year, two years and five years? If possible, please could the response be split into: a) Total amount invested from 1 … Continue reading

  • Active and sustainable travel

    Can you please confirm whether the Council has applied for (or is planning to apply for) any Government funding relating to active and sustainable travel (e.g. walking and cycling)? The County Council applied for Emergency Active Travel Fund tranche 1 … Continue reading

  • Electric scooter road use

    Has Devon County Council applied to take part in the Government pilot of allowing electric scooters on the county’s roads and cycle paths? If so, can you update me on any progress please? If not, for what reasons? Following the … Continue reading

  • Park and Ride bus tender

    Bus tender regarding the Park and Ride services in Exeter.  Red, Green, PR3 (RDE) and PR6 to your site.   The Red and Green Park & Ride services are operated commercially by Stagecoach South West therefore this information is not … Continue reading

  • Exeter Transport strategy

    The Devon County Council Corporate Infrastructure and Regulatory Services scrutiny committee meeting held on 24 June 2020 heard the notes of the Devon County Council Standing Overview Group meeting held on 18 June, item number 182. At this meeting, “Members … Continue reading

  • Speed limit policies and history

    Regarding the residents concern as to the speed and generally road safety on the stretch of Exeter Road outside of the Moorland Reach and Potters Lea developments: 1. . Please can you send me a copy of the Devon Highways … Continue reading

  • Powderham Cycle Bridge

    1. Who drew up the plans for the cycle bridge?   Devon County Council 2. What date was the bridge given planning approval?   25/01/2013 3. Which company built the bridge?   Main Contractor ‘Dawnus Construction’, Bridge Fabricator ‘Britton Fabrications … Continue reading