• Car clocking offences

    1) How many reports of car clocking (vehicle mileage altering) has your council received in the last five years – between the dates 1st January 2014 and 1st January 2019? 196 2) How many cases of car clocking has your … Continue reading

  • Energy Performance of Public Buildings

    Regarding Display Energy Certificates (DECs), how many public buildings are compliant with the regulations and have the appropriate DEC in place? Devon County Council have DECs in place on 50 of its buildings.  We do not hold information about DEC … Continue reading

  • Regulation of food standards

    1. Please provide a copy of the Council’s Enforcement Policy. This is available on our website at the following link, under “Enforcement”: https://www.devonsomersettradingstandards.gov.uk/about-us/service-standards/ 2. Please provide a copy of the Trading Standards Service Plan. 3. Please provide a copy of the … Continue reading

  • Animal welfare inspector

    Do you employ an animal welfare inspector? Our Trading Standards Service which operates across Devon, Somerset and Torbay has a number of officers authorised to act as Inspectors under the Animal Health Act 1981 and the Animal Welfare Act 2006 … Continue reading

  • Licensing manager

    Please can you provide me with the name and contact details of the Licensing Manager in the council, who is responsible for all licensing types. eg. skips, fireworks, petroleum, etc. Information regarding business licences and contact details is available online … Continue reading

  • Food Allergy and Intolerance Enforcement

    1. Please provide the number of formal enforcement actions taken (ranging from written warnings to prosecutions) relating to food allergy/intolerance. Please include total figures and figures for each local authority for the years: (a) 2018 to date –    0 … Continue reading

  • Software Systems Contracts and Renewals

    “Please could you provide the following information regarding your current Software System: 1. What Software Systems are currently used by the Council for Planning, Building control and Public Protection/Licensing/Environmental Health and Local Land Charges? TRICS (Trip Rate Information Computer System) … Continue reading

  • Food fraud 2016-2018

    Please could you provide figures for the total number of local food fraud cases recorded by the council each year from 2016 until 2018 inclusive, (‘total reports’ includes all reports submitted by regional liaison groups, consumers, industry, police, government departments, … Continue reading