• School transport – 2019-2020

    Please provide full answers to each of the following questions about school transport arrangements in your area: 1. For the academic year just ended, how many pupils received free home to school transport? Figures vary per month but based on … Continue reading

  • Technology no longer used

    May we please ask for details on the policy about old technology and what is currently happening with the old technology from the council and from the educational institutions you are funding. 1) In particular where the old items are … Continue reading

  • School numbers and status 2020

    Under the Freedom of Information Act 2000, please supply the following 1. A list of all secondary, middle and upper schools in Devon and whether they were oversubscribed or not-oversubscribed on national offer day 2020 (1st March). Please include each … Continue reading

  • Schools – pupil allocation

    1. Please provide a copy of the full Autumn 2019 school census for Devon (showing the number on roll at each school and in each year group) Autumn 2019 information is available online; it is a full school list.   … Continue reading

  • Year 7 school intake

    Can you tell me the total number of students in Year 7 for every school for which the local authority has admission data, academic 2019/2020? This information is available in the spreadsheet available via the link below: Year 7 students … Continue reading