• Traveller enforcement action

    How many enforcement actions have been taken by your local authority on unauthorised traveller settlements in each local authority area in each year since 2008. We have reviewed our files and can provide the information below. We hold no information … Continue reading

  • Public rescue equipment and maintenance

    How many items of public rescue equipment (ie Lifebuoys, Lifebelts, Throw Lines or similar) does Devon County Council maintain at inland or coastal water sites. Excludes Swimming Pools District Councils have responsibility for beaches, where this type of public rescue equipment … Continue reading

  • Public Health contracts

    Learning Disability Contracts There are no learning disability specific contracts, therefore this information is not held.  Please provide the names and end dates for all learning disability contracts (excluding any extension options) commissioned by the council. Not applicable  What are … Continue reading

  • Online Chlamydia Screening Programme

    Who is the provider of your online chlamydia screening programme? The online chlamydia screening programme falls within our overall sexual and reproductive health service provided by Northern Devon Healthcare Trust. The Trust contract directly with the online service provider (Preventx) … Continue reading

  • Drug and alcohol service budget 2017-2019

    1. I request your budget for the year 2017-2018 for the following services, where possible I would request that these figures are supplied separately for each service: • Inpatient Drug and Alcohol Detoxification • Drug and Alcohol Residential Rehabilitation The … Continue reading

  • Locally Commissioned Services

    Under the Freedom of Information Act (2000) I am requesting the following information. Please can you fill out the table detailing all individual council locally commissioned services in general practice As requested, we have completed the table; the completed table … Continue reading

  • Drug and alcohol outpatient services

    The number of drug and alcohol outpatient services provided by your Local Authority for the past three financial years, starting from 2017/18 and working backwards. 2016 – 2018 – 3 Treatment Centres North Devon and Torridge, based in Bideford with satellite … Continue reading

  • Stop smoking services and aids

    Please confirm whether as part of your commissioned stop smoking service, stop smoking aids are available for service users through:  Voucher scheme for nicotine replacement therapy (NRT)  We did operate a small voucher scheme for NRT. However, since November 2017, … Continue reading

  • Interpretation services

    Under the Freedom of Information Act legislation, could you please provide me with financial information relating to the following services: • costs of face to face interpreting services • costs of telephone interpreting services • costs of written translation services … Continue reading