• COVID-19 data protection record

    In the House of Commons, the Secretary of State for Health said: ‘That data [local COVID-19 testing data] is available to directors of public health in local councils who have signed a data protection record. I am committing to the … Continue reading

  • Breastfeeding support

    1. Did the council commission a breastfeeding support service (including peer support) in the years 2014-2019? If so, please supply details, including budget (per year) and number of service users accessing the service for each of the years 2014-2019. Please … Continue reading

  • Addiction budgets

    1. Is the budget for the treatment of addiction within the Adult Social Care budget? No, the budget for the treatment of addiction is part of the Public Health budget. Published budgets for all services are available at Budgets. 2. … Continue reading

  • Domestic abuse services

    1. What was your budget for domestic abuse services in the following years: 2016/17, 2017/18, 2018/19, 2019/20? 2. What is your proposed budget for domestic abuse services for the next budget year 2020/21? In response to both questions 1 and … Continue reading

  • LGBT domestic violence policy

    I’m trying to find out whether Devon Council has any specific policy or guidance on safeguarding LGBT victims of domestic violence, that is published and available for social care professionals to access? I’m only looking for LGBT specific policy, not … Continue reading

  • Suicide prevention partnership

    1a. Does your council have a multi-agency suicide prevention partnership in place? Please answer either Yes or No. Yes 1b. Please give details as to the partnership(s) in place? Currently Devon County Council hosts and facilitates the Devon and Torbay … Continue reading

  • Coronovirus case locations – Devon

    I am concerned at the lack of transparency from the Government regarding the confirmed cases of Coronavirus within Devon. Using “Devon” is a bit vague when needing to assess the risk to myself and my family when Devon itself is … Continue reading