• Social prescribing commissioning

    Please can you email me what your Organisation is doing about planning, commissioning and operationalisation of social prescription. Please refer to the report linked to Social Prescribing Executive Summary  This report was intended as a discussion paper with recommendations. We have … Continue reading

  • Alcohol Treatment Services

    Can the Local Authority’s Director of Public Health provide an estimate for the number of referrals made to alcohol treatment services in your local authority area for the following financial years? a) 2015/16 b) 2016/17 c) 2017/18 Please see the … Continue reading

  • Smoking cessation services

    Did the Local Authority commission a Smoking Cessation service in the 2015-16 financial year Yes Did the Local Authority commission a Smoking Cessation service in the 2016-17 financial year Yes Did the Local Authority commission a Smoking Cessation service in … Continue reading

  • Hostile vehicle mitigation strategies

    How much money has the council spent on hostile vehicle mitigation measures in past five years (up to and including 2018/19)? Please break down the total figure annually. At which locations and when were those hostile vehicle mitigation measures installed? … Continue reading

  • Roadstone Store – Traveller occupation

    1.I would ask for a true cost of site clearance, roadstone store(now occupied by travellers…again)located just off drumbridges roundabout on the road into Liverton, during the two previous occupations to be stated. In the past a district council has cleared the … Continue reading

  • Domestic violence refuge services

    1) How much money has been spent by your council on domestic violence refuge services in each of the last five financial years Public Health Devon assumed responsibility for commissioning domestic violence support in 2014/15 on behalf of Devon County … Continue reading

  • Traveller enforcement action

    How many enforcement actions have been taken by your local authority on unauthorised traveller settlements in each local authority area in each year since 2008. We have reviewed our files and can provide the information below. We hold no information … Continue reading

  • Public rescue equipment and maintenance

    How many items of public rescue equipment (ie Lifebuoys, Lifebelts, Throw Lines or similar) does Devon County Council maintain at inland or coastal water sites. Excludes Swimming Pools District Councils have responsibility for beaches, where this type of public rescue equipment … Continue reading

  • Public Health contracts

    Learning Disability Contracts There are no learning disability specific contracts, therefore this information is not held.  Please provide the names and end dates for all learning disability contracts (excluding any extension options) commissioned by the council. Not applicable  What are … Continue reading