• Empty council owned properties

    The total amount of empty council-owned properties during the year 2020 to date, 2019 and as many years for which records are available. As at 21 December 2020 we can confirm that DCC has 13 empty sites containing buildings. With … Continue reading

  • Postal services spend and process 2019-2021

    Your postal spend in 2019 and projected spend for 2020 /2021 on the following – exact costs where possible or if unavailable please provide estimated costs 2019/20 total spend – £284,171 2020/21 projected spend – £264,958 Stamps Franking Royal Mail … Continue reading

  • Water Quality and TMV Servicing Term Contract

    “Under the Freedom of Information Act, please could I request a full list of all main contractors, consultants, sub-contractors & suppliers (including postal address/postcode and office telephone number details which are already in the public domain so if not effected … Continue reading

  • Grass cutting and verge maintenance

    Name Address and contact details of your current Contractor or Sub Contractor who carries our grass cutting or Verge Maintenance to the council Please use the following link to view the published contract for council property grounds maintenance in our … Continue reading

  • COVID-19 safety tape

    Would you please provide details (type, quantity, costs, suppliers, etc) of council purchases of ‘safety’ (yellow/black, keep your distance, etc) tape used as part of Covid-19 measures to protect staff and members of the public since March 23rd 2020? Safer … Continue reading

  • CCTV cameras – numbers of

    The number of CCTV cameras operated by your local authority. I would like the data for each of the last two years with a year-end 31 March, or whichever year end is most convenient. If you cannot provide two years … Continue reading

  • Ownership of Lower Rackclose Lane

    “Can you please confirm the ownership of Lower Rackclose Lane and if the ownership boundaries are as per the red-lined area on Plan provided. I have also provided land registry plans for the buildings surrounding the end of Lower Rackclose … Continue reading