• Gender neutral toilet facilities

    1) How many council run premises in your area, currently have exclusively gender neutral toilet facilities? 2) How many council headquarters (town halls etc) and libraries in your area, have exclusively gender neutral toilet facilities? 3) Could you name any … Continue reading

  • Youth centres and clubs

    Could I please have a list of council run youth centres and clubs with their address, which have operated at any point between 2010 and 2019, along with dates of opening and closure if they started or ceased operation over … Continue reading

  • Property sale

    Please could you let me know how much The Haven, 32-34, High Street, Honiton, EX14 1PU sold for and also how much of that amount has been credited back to Devon County Council Information on this and any sale can … Continue reading

  • Empty Council owned properties 2016-2018

    I wish to request, under the Freedom of Information Act, that you supply me with: The number of council-owned empty properties in 2016, 2017, 2018 and currently Devon County Council are not a housing authority and any surplus property is … Continue reading

  • Design and building contractors

    Could you please provide a list of all design and building contractors who are on the framework to complete both design and build work for Devon County Council. We can confirm that Devon County Council commissions its design and build … Continue reading

  • Sale of public land and property

    I am requesting the following: 1. Any data held on the sites of public land and property sold by the local authority, including (where possible) site/holding name, address, postcode, total area, price paid, proposed use, planning status in respect of … Continue reading

  • Sale of land 2008-2018

    Please can you tell me how much land approximately Devon County Council have sold within the boundaries of Exeter City Council within the last 10 years. Devon County Council have disposed of 343,610 m2 of land (84.9 acres) within the … Continue reading

  • Asset Management Software

    Which asset management software (AMS) are you using for following assets of your council? – Highways (when did this contract start, when would it expire and what is the annual spend) – Street Lighting (when did this contract start, when … Continue reading