• Credit checks for credit reference agencies

    1. Do you have an contract in place to purchase credit checks, or a purchase history from any of the following credit reference agencies? (Call Credit/TransUnion, Equifax, Experian or Other(Please specify)) – Regarding Company credit checks we have a contract … Continue reading

  • Mobile Phone contract

    If there is more than one provider split all the information, including the annual average spend, number of connections, duration, contract dates and internal contact details. 1. Network Provider(s) – provide the network provider name e.g. EE, Telefonica, Vodafone, Three … Continue reading

  • CCTV contracts and suppliers

    Under the Freedom of Information Act, please could I request a full list of all main contractors, consultants, sub-contractors & suppliers (including postal address/postcode and office telephone number details which are already in the public domain so if not effected … Continue reading

  • Tender opportunities

    Could you please let me know where the council publicises any tender opportunities (Invitations to Tender and Requests for Quotations) for professional services to be provided to its Social Care, IT and HR departments? If these differ by department or … Continue reading

  • Third Party Suppliers

    I would like the following information please: 1. A list of all third party suppliers that have current contracts with Devon Council The details of all awarded contracts with a value over £10,000 is available online at: Contracts register 2. … Continue reading

  • Postal Process and Procurement

    1. Which postal supplier do you use to pick up your physical post? Royal Mail 2. Do you use franking machines or PPI envelopes in your post room? Yes If yes: a. Who is the manufacturer of your franking machines?  … Continue reading