Planning Approval EX/04761/2015

When will the pavement, which is part of the Planning Approval EX/04761/2015, for the house at 157 Pennsylvania Road, Exeter be constructed? The residents on this section of road have been campaigning since 2002 for a 20mph limit with traffic … Continue reading

Project Directory for Deep Lane, Plymouth

“I am writing to request a Project Directory for Deep Lane, Plymouth, which includes a list of subcontractors, suppliers and consultants & telephone numbers involved in the new two-lane single carriageway of 1.7 km, with linear soakaway drainage and an … Continue reading

Bishops Tawton Roundabout

1. Traffic surveys on all four junctions at the Bishops Tawton Roundabout Traffic surveys provided. 2. Predicted traffic flows surveys on all four junction at the Bishops Tawton Roundabout Predicted traffic flow surveys provided. We take accessibility seriously. However, some … Continue reading

South Hams Planning Application at Ugborough

“Please provide:- 1. The cost of producing the original Teignconsult Drainage Assessment and plan for a private development proposed at, Lutterburn Farm, Ugborough (which was only made public when the planning application was lodged).  Planning Application Ref: 3460/17/OPA. Information not … Continue reading

Planning Application Servers and Software

“We are currently building a database of all the Planning Application Servers that local authorities use. I have looked at your Planning Application Search page but could not find the name of the server anywhere. Please could you advise as … Continue reading

Planning Application, Cullompton Community College

“The application DCC/4092/2018 refers to extension/alteration at Cullompton Community College, this application shows that adjoining properties were consulted. This application has been approved and local press and Head Teacher have made comments of further phases to follow. I. Could I … Continue reading

Planning application- Whitestone

Please provide a complete copy of the file of correspondence between council officers and external correspondence with the applicant’s agent in connection with Planning Application PRE/1322/2018 A copy of the correspondence and attached reports can be seen via the link … Continue reading