Payments for Tawstock Parish

Can you provide the following information regarding the listed s106 payments for Tawstock Parish. 1. Have the funds been collected? If so 2. Have the funds been allocated towards the projects listed? 3. If spent. Details of where the funds … Continue reading

New Tavistock primary school

  1. What plans does Devon County Council have in hand take possession of the Education Land at The Tors development? Devon County Council has no immediate plan to take possession of the school site but the section 106 agreement … Continue reading

Cycle lane in Sweetbrier Lane, Exeter

This is an FOI request regarding the proposed introduction of cycle lane/route in Sweetbrier Lane, Exeter 1) how many emails or letters were received from the public prior to the consultation deadline of 19th October? 2) how many of the … Continue reading

Judicial review and planning appeals costs

The information sought is as follows: (1) All costs incurred by the Council in each financial year from 2014/2015 to 2018/2019 in either defending or bringing a claim for Judicial Review in respect of Planning cases including any external professional … Continue reading

Section 106 Planning Agreements

“Please can you advise the following with regards to all payments received under Section 106 Planning Agreements:- • The value of the payment • The purpose of the payment • The amount of the payment that has been spent • … Continue reading

Planning Approval EX/04761/2015

When will the pavement, which is part of the Planning Approval EX/04761/2015, for the house at 157 Pennsylvania Road, Exeter be constructed? The residents on this section of road have been campaigning since 2002 for a 20mph limit with traffic … Continue reading