• Planning services

    Please can you address the following questions, if you hold information on them: 1. Has the council outsourced its planning department (responsible for town and country planning)? No 2. Has the council outsourced any part of its planning services (planning … Continue reading

  • Residential Developments

    Section S278 Agreements relating to residential developments during each of the past 5 financial years. 1. Please could you confirm the average time taken from technical submission to the issue of a technical approval? 2. Please could you confirm what … Continue reading

  • Cycle lane B3181 Cumberland Way

    Currently a cycle lane is being installed down the B3181 Cumberland Way into the B3212 Pinhoe Road in Exeter. How much this operation is costing the tax payer in total please The segregated cycle lane being installed along Cumberland Way … Continue reading

  • Bus map of Devon

    A PDF copy of the most recent up to date bus map of Devon that you have Visit our Bus map of Devon For up to date services visit, Devon’s Interactive bus map which provides timetables, routes and operator details … Continue reading

  • Contact Details for Head of Service

    Can you provide contact details, telephone number and email address for: the Head of Planning; Mike Deaton, Principal Planning Officer, telephone 01392 383000 (ask for by name), email mike.deaton@devon.gov.uk the Head of Legal Services Jan Shadbolt, Head of Legal, telephone 01392 … Continue reading

  • Planning Enforcement Register

    Request:  “I am looking to find out if your Planning Enforcement Register is available on the Council website.  If not, I am looking to find out how many enforcements were served in 2017 and so far in 2018.  Please also … Continue reading

  • Construction on brownfield site

    I request an up to date list of contractors, subcontractors and suppliers that have or will be involved with the construction of an office and industrial park with a 150-bedroom hotel on a 37-hectare brownfield site to provide a total … Continue reading

  • Built houses

    1. How many houses, including flats and apartments, were built in Devon in the years 2012 ‘ 2017? Please see the attached table available via the link below: https://devoncc.sharepoint.com/:b:/s/PublicDocs/InfoMgt/ESUTgn6kSBRKul-CRWWzPNsBmckRpjj_vax1b6LwJszgFg?e=qsvtC7 2. How many houses, including flats and apartments, are expected to … Continue reading

  • D1 Planning Applications

      Request: “May I please request the number of D1 planning applications you received in each of the last five years. I.e. in 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014 and 2013. May I also request the number of successful D1 planning applications … Continue reading