Planning Application DCC/4101/2018

I would like to see copies of all of the communications, or records of those communications if oral or electronic, between Devon County Council’s Planning Department and the applicants and/or their agent pertaining to Planning Application DCC/4101/2018 between the period … Continue reading

Dryden Road – traffic flow

Please can I have the following: – All vehicle flow data regarding monitoring undertaken in connection with the temporary Dryden Rd closure. – This should include all periods for all nodes in the network monitored, as daily (24h) traffic flows. … Continue reading

Farm Animal Welfare

1. How many farm animal welfare inspections/visits did your Local Authority carry out in 2010 and 2020? (If possible, please split between proactive and reactive visits) and what was the outcome of these inspections/visits? i.e. were breaches detected and what … Continue reading

Planning application DCC/4101/2018

I wish to see copies of all communications between the period 01-Sept-2020 and 24-Nov-2020 between DCC Planning Department and the applicants and/or their agent pertaining to the Site Visit on 04-Nov-2020 related to Planning Application DCC/4101/2018. The records of this … Continue reading

Planning proposal 20/01890/FULL

I request all data your team holds on this request. This should include emails Devon County Council provided our planning response to 20/01890/FULL using the on-line planning consultation portal on Mid-Devon District Council.  We only hold the information available on … Continue reading

Payments for Tawstock Parish

Can you provide the following information regarding the listed s106 payments for Tawstock Parish. 1. Have the funds been collected? If so 2. Have the funds been allocated towards the projects listed? 3. If spent. Details of where the funds … Continue reading

New Tavistock primary school

  1. What plans does Devon County Council have in hand take possession of the Education Land at The Tors development? Devon County Council has no immediate plan to take possession of the school site but the section 106 agreement … Continue reading