Cllr Greenslade

Further to the internal case against Cllr Brian Greenslade, can the Council please confirm ; 1. The quantum of compensation costs incurred for the employees and ex-employees, including any enhanced pension rights and early termination costs, incurred as a consequence … Continue reading

Expert witness work and employees

1) Do any employees in your organisation carry out expert witness work? An expert witness is someone whose skill and/or expertise in an area is such that it qualifies them to provide expert opinion about it in legal proceedings and/or … Continue reading

Administrative Law and Judicial Review applications

I seek the following information regarding any submissions made to the Independent Review of Administrative Law and Judicial Review Committee’s request for evidence. Did Devon County Council send submissions to the Independent Review of Administrative Law and Judicial Review in … Continue reading

Section 106 agreements

Total value (in either cash or your best estimate of monetary value) of Section 106 agreements (agreements reached with property developers under section 106 of the Town and Country Planning Act) reached Please provide this data with a year end … Continue reading

Art insurance

– The name of the insurer which covers your Art/History/Heritage/Museum collections Zurich Municipal – a copy of the insurance policy which covers your Art/History/Heritage/Museum collections This can be seen via the link below: Property policy – whether the cost or … Continue reading

Complaints or claims against the council

Q1. Thinking about the entirety of 2020, how many times did you receive a complaint or liability claim against your council? Please think about all claims from both businesses and the public. If figures are not available for 2020, please … Continue reading

Legal affairs – staff and contact

1. Which department or departments are responsible for overseeing legal affairs when your council is a party to a legal Hearing e.g. Legal Services, HR? Legal hearings such as those brought against the council – (high court, criminal proceedings), or … Continue reading