• Section 106 Awards

    Can you please provide me a list of the current open Section 106 and CIL awards for education purposes, which Devon County Council is responsible for. Please indicate for each the value, expiry/discharge date and which of the current open … Continue reading

  • Ownership of Lower Rackclose Lane

    “Can you please confirm the ownership of Lower Rackclose Lane and if the ownership boundaries are as per the red-lined area on Plan provided. I have also provided land registry plans for the buildings surrounding the end of Lower Rackclose … Continue reading

  • Child Care legal professionals

    1. How many Child Care legal professionals (or equivalent) are employed by the Council? 18 (Solicitors, Legal Executives and Legal Assistants) 2. Does the Council have a specific risk assessment for legal employees undertaking child care work which deals with … Continue reading

  • Whistleblowing policies and practices

    Q1 Does your organisation take action to protect external whistleblowers from unjustified treatment by their employers or others? Please select one of the below answers if possible – i. Yes (please explain what action is taken) ii. No iii. Not … Continue reading

  • Pothole compensation 2014-2019

    1. How much money overall has been paid out by Devon County Council in compensation as a result of claims (whether or not liability was accepted) relating to potholes involving (a) cyclists and (b) motorists in each of the last … Continue reading

  • Public liability insurance

    Under the Freedom of Information Act 2000, you are requested to please provide the following: 1. Copies of all commercial Devon County Council and Devon District Council public liability insurance policy certificates with what is covered, policy numbers, providers and … Continue reading

  • Payments made to external solicitors

    Following on from a previous Freedom of Information Act response: “External Solicitors are instructed to deal with litigated and very high value/complex claims” (which can be viewed at https://www.devon.gov.uk/accesstoinformation/archives/information_request/road-defect-claims-staffing-numbers-and-contract) 1. What have been the total annual payments made by DCC, say … Continue reading