• Town and Village Greens and Common Land

    “Please provide the names and locations of all parcels of land registered within Devon as Town or Village Green, and/or as Common, which: a) are also regularly or from time to time used for organised sport by schools and/or clubs. … Continue reading

  • Genealogist and Public Health Funerals

    Local authority practices regarding the publication of an online list of public health funerals and use of an heir hunter to trace relatives. 1. Please indicate the last date on which a genealogist, probate researcher or tracing agent was used. … Continue reading

  • Boxing day hunt Torrington

    Please could you answer the following questions about the stevestone and torrington farmers annual boxing day meet in the town center . Has the event organiser completed an events application pack? Has a competent person completed a risk assessment? Has … Continue reading

  • Boxing Day hunt – Great Torrington

    Could you please supply under FOI the following information regarding the meeting on the Highway of the hunt at Great Torrington on Boxing Day 2018. It appears the horses and hounds meet and obstruct the highway. 1/ Event Plan for … Continue reading

  • Housing benefit

    Please provide the following information related to housing benefit amounts paid to people in receipt of care in supported living settings. By supporting living, we mean those who live in a property with their own tenancy, but receiving care and … Continue reading