• Data Sharing Agreements with Medical Professionals

    “The Department for Education (DfE) recently published guidelines for Local Authorities on Elective Home Education here: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/elective-home-education They state that “some Local Authorities” have agreements with doctors and medical professionals to share information regarding home education.  The DfE cannot tell … Continue reading

  • Records management systems and storage

    1.What Document / Records management system/s does the council currently use? Please include the supplier/vendor name, software product name and version number. Supplier/vendor: Microfocus (formerly HP) Product Name: Records Manager Version Number: 8.3.3 1.2, What is the current annual cost … Continue reading

  • Freedom of Information statistics

    1) The total number of Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests the council has received for each of the last ten years. 2018 – 2019 1,389 2017 – 2018 1,233 2016 – 2017 1,411 2015 – 2016 1,376 2014 – … Continue reading

  • Information request software

    1.Please could you inform us what system(s) your authority uses to handle information requests? For clarity that includes FOI, EIR, CAFCAS, etc. requests for information, as well as SARs/GDPR requests and also complaints handling. ICASEWORK 2. Please provide the name … Continue reading

  • Cyber security contracts

    1. Standard Firewall (Network) – Firewall service protects your corporate Network from unauthorised access and other Internet security threats 1.Who is the existing supplier for this contract? We consider that the disclosure of this information into the public domain could … Continue reading

  • Freedom of information and complaint software

    “What is the name of the organisation/service/authority you represent?  Devon County Council If the information I am requesting is available elsewhere (eg, s21) please can you tell me where I can find it? This information is not available elsewhere. What … Continue reading

  • Data Asset Register

    I am trying to understand what information DCC holds and would like a copy or link to the corporate information asset register. I understand that portions may be redacted. We can confirm that we hold a corporate information asset register … Continue reading

  • Freedom of Information Request Administration

    How many people are employed to deal with FOI? There are six members of staff within the Information Governance Team. These members of staff cover FOI and all other Information Governance functions. What is the budget for administering FOI? Information … Continue reading